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What do PR Agencies do

laniakea - 14 Ağustos 2014 - 0 comments

PR agency or journal agency? Communications consultancy is an area of expertise comprised of journal communication only. However, we face this reality only in Turkey. It is possible to define this as media relationship agency rather than communication agency. PR agencies conduct their business with respect to “news count”. Most of them hold weekly agenda meetings with customers agreed in over-capacity in terms of sufficient employment. Most reports are comprised of “news count”. Facts as strategic communication plans, projects, crisis communication, leader communication, corporate reputation which are prerequisite for PR sector, take place in PC documents as “draft study” in most PR agencies in Turkey. Nevertheless, it would be unfair to claim this for every PR company. Some conduct, or at least try to conduct their business in world standards. A communication consulting company first has to analyze the client and prepare a communication plan according to sector and the capacity of the client. The crucial point here is that both sides should stick to the plan.
It is quite usual that a client is on the news. Journal communication is an essential element for PR sector. Yet journal communication and being in the news does not mean the whole of this work, and it should not. I believe the brand and perception of the brand can be built on a more solid ground with news rather than commercials. Commercials is a must. To solidify perception, yes, commercials is a must. Having said that, where and in what news the said client must appear? This is the key point of the whole issue. The answer to this question in Turkey for almost all corporate communication agencies is “everywhere”. This understanding may provide you to keep the clients that pay the most for a while. Yet in the medium term, the relationship will be terminated. Why? How many times, on which paper, on which TV channel a client can make a statement on a particular subject? The things your client has to say will surely expire. That is the date your agreement is terminated. PR companies should ask to potential clients the question “What do you expect from us?” rather than stating that they are able to make the company appear on the news everywhere. Steps taken according to responses to this question will result in a healthier and longer relationship between the PR agency and potential client.
“Have narrow space” but send it anyway!
What is PR? Both communication agencies and employees in charge who decide their company to get PR service should analyze this question. If the client states that the aim is to be on the news and the PR agency adopts “we will make you news” reasoning, the relationship cannot be deemed as PR relationship, it should rather be deemed as journal communication and news making. In such a relationship approach, it is not necessary to establish a PR Agency. If your relationship with press representatives is good, you may serve your client from home. “What sort of relationship you have built!” with the aforementioned press representative in the past or in the present, you realize a journal service from your home. The answer you will receive will be “We have narrow space but send it anyway”. Unfortunately, there are some who conduct communication consulting in this manner. Whereas a press statement should be a qualified content source for a journalist. For a press statement to take place on the paper, there should be no need for the journalist and PR company to be in a deep relationship.
What is PR? PR does not solely mean to be on the news. When necessary, the tie and shirt your client wears when you take your client to broadcast may be your concern, it should be. It must be your concern on which paper and on what kind of news your clients will appear. Your team should think swiftly, analyze the customer well, not have high ego, they must read and follow up. It means that this work should not be lowered to “making press statement from home” level in Turkey. London and New York centered PR companies’ work should be examined. Then we can understand the level of PR sector is in Turkey.
Why Ted Baker, the world renowned clothing and accessories company of England waited until 2014 to enter into the market in Turkey? Why has Ted Baker opened a store in İstinye Park rather than in a shopping center in İkitelli? Why Koton does not have a store in Kanyon? The answer to these questions is simple enough. Lastly, do you think Volkswagen needs PR? Then why do they take PR service?

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